Integrated Value Analysis Training

Target group

Managers and employees from the development, design, production and quality in small, medium, and large-scale projects.

Seminar target

You will learn the efficient use of the method integrated value analysis and their application.


To participate in the training integrated value analysis, no special requirements are necessary.


1 Day

Integrated value analysis and their application in an example

Seminar contents

  • Introduction to the method integrated value analysis
  • Value Analysis on VDI6800
  • Evaluation of the functioning priority to QFD methodology
  • Function analyse after F.A.S.T.
  • Target costing considering the customer demands
  • Determination of the actual functions cost
  • Identification of the functions budgeted cost
  • Morphology
  • Design of a product under value analytical aspects and taking into account the market and customer demands


1 day


3-12 participants

Price / Scope

Participation fee € 790.00 per person

Each participant will receive detailed training materials, lunch, refreshments during the coffee / tea breaks, certificate.

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