QFD Moderation

Professional QFD Moderation of your QFD projects for customer-oriented product and production planning.

Our professionally conducted and moderated QFD projects allow the customer requirements to be optimally incorporated into the products and processes.

Use the know-how and the long experience of fmea.com and its experts for a competent, efficient and methodically correct moderation for your QFD projects and reduce mistakes and customer dissatisfaction.

Don’t Waste recourses due to the complexity of your product, the method and the software because of lack of methodological experience.


Useful requirement for a participant in a moderated QFD project is participating in a QFD training or sufficient knowledge of the method QFD.

The scope of Moderation Training includes the following:

  • QFD preparation
  • Briefing the team members in the procedure of QFD
  • Moderation of team meetings according to the current guidelines of VDA / QS 9000 etc.
  • Professional moderation computer assistance during team meetings
  • Identify customer requirements correct and complete (if possible at the customer site)
  • QFD (documentation) in file form for any further processing
  • Project tracking, QFD maintenance and change management
  • Presentation of QFD (internal)
  • Advice and support of QFD Teams

Advantages / benefits:

  • Extensive experience of our moderation coach with years of experience
  • Extensive experience from numerous Moderation QFD projects
  • Extensive analysis experience with complex systems, products and processes
  • Software support with professional QFD software
  • Guaranteed neutrality and objectivity in Moderation
  • Resource savings through systematic and efficient approach
  • Clear product and process optimization according to customer requirements Dates and extent negotiable


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